A woman with bandages over her breasts after mastopexy (breast lift)

When to Consider Mastopexy

There are many different plastic surgeries available today that can help you love the way your body looks. One example is mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift. This procedure tightens the skin on your breasts to reduce sagging and creates a perkier, more youthful appearance.

More information about when to consider breast lift surgery:

What Mastopexy Does

To understand if mastopexy is the best option for your needs, it’s important to know what exactly this surgical procedure does.

If you notice any of the below issues, a breast lift may be able to correct them:

Sagging Breasts

The primary concern that mastopexy addresses is sagging breasts. This happens naturally as you age due to a loss of skin elasticity and the effects of gravity. You may also notice worsened sagging after pregnancy or significant weight changes.

Nipple Position

If your nipples are below your breast crease or point downward, a breast lift procedure can help. The surgery removes excess skin and moves your nipples upward in the process.

Stretched Areolae

If your areolae have stretched to the point where they are not proportional, mastopexy can reduce their size while lifting and contouring your breasts.

What Mastopexy Doesn’t Change

If your main concern is on the list below, a different type of surgery may be a better fit. However, you may also choose to combine a breast lift with another procedure to address multiple issues at once.

Small Breasts

Mastopexy does not increase the size of your breasts. In this case, you should consider implants, which can be paired with a lift to address size and shape at the same time.

Large Breasts

Although large breasts can be a cause of sagging, breast lift surgery does not remove a significant amount of breast tissue and won’t affect the size. This can also be a concern as large breasts are more likely to begin sagging again over time after mastopexy. If size is a primary concern, a breast reduction may be helpful.

When to Wait Before a Breast Lift

You should wait before getting a breast lift if:

You Are Planning to Become Pregnant

Pregnancy can affect the size and shape of your breasts and may alter the results of your procedure. It is best to wait until after you do not plan on becoming pregnant again before getting a breast lift.

You Are Not At or Near Your Ideal Weight

Weight gain or weight loss is another factor that can affect how your mastopexy results will look. This procedure is best suited for a patient who is at or close to their ideal weight.

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