A woman using a tape measure to show how slim her thighs are after thighplasty

Types of Thighplasty

If your thighs are sagging, disproportional to the rest of your body, or dimpled, thighplasty can help. This type of surgery, also called a thigh lift, removes excess skin and contours your thighs to achieve a younger, slimmer look. It can be performed in combination with other types of body contouring surgery or on its own depending on your desired results. This plastic surgery can improve your confidence and give you beautiful legs that you will love to show off. Depending on what area of your thighs you wish to target, there are a few different types of thighplasty.

Here are the different varieties of thigh lift surgery:

Mini Thighplasty

If only minimal lifting is necessary, your surgeon may perform a mini thighplasty that includes only a small incision in the groin area. The results are less dramatic, but recovery is generally shorter and the resulting scar is less visible. A mini thigh lift is best for patients who are mostly concerned about their upper inner thighs and have a smaller amount of excess fat and skin.

Inner Thigh Lift

Another possible technique is an inner or medial thigh lift. This focuses on your inner thighs and there are a few different types of incisions depending on which areas you want to target specifically. Some surgeries target the upper portion of your inner thigh and others focus on the lower portion, above your knee. There are also techniques that contour your entire inner thigh. The incision usually begins at the groin and can extend around the back of your thigh or down to the knee.

Bilateral Thighplasty

A bilateral thigh lift, also called an outer thigh lift, targets the front outer portion of your thighs. Fat deposits and excess skin can develop in this area after pregnancy or significant weight loss. Genetics can also play a role. An outer thighplasty can involve different incision techniques. One possible option is a v-shaped incision that starts in the groin and wraps around your hips or buttocks.

Who Should Consider Thigh Lift Surgery?

For any type of thighplasty, the best candidate is a patient with good skin elasticity who doesn’t smoke and is at or near their ideal weight. You should also have realistic expectations for your results, as this is a major factor in how satisfied you are likely to be after your surgery. At your consultation, we will discuss what the procedure includes and make sure it is a good fit for you.

Thighplasty Recovery

Recovery from thigh lift surgery depends on the type of procedure that was performed. In general, mini thighplasty will have the shortest recovery time, whereas bilateral thigh lifts often take more time to heal. This will also depend on your health and other factors that are unique to you. In any case, you should expect to take time off work and will need to follow all recommendations from your doctor.

Improve Your Appearance with a Thigh Lift

Nearly everyone is self-conscious about at least one area of their body. If you are unhappy with how your thighs look, thighplasty can help.

If you are considering thighplasty, contact us today to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeons.