An example of a woman losing volume in her face due to aging

Why Do You Lose Volume In Your Face As You Age?

Several types of changes take place in our faces as we age. Along with lines and wrinkles, volume loss occurs during the aging process. This volume loss causes cheeks to become gaunt, lips to thin out, and skin to sag. But what causes you to lose volume in your face as you get older? Read on to discover the causes and effects of this process, along with possible solutions. 

Causes of Face Volume Loss

Changes to the facial skin are a gradual and natural part of aging. Loss of volume, particularly in the face, is caused by a few different factors.

Three factors that influence facial volume loss are:

1. Changes to Facial Fat Pad Quality 

As we grow older, our bodies produce fewer hormones than before, which affects the quality of our facial fat pads. Fat pads are closely packed areas of fat cells that help give our faces volume, shape, and definition. They are typically found high on the cheekbones in our youth, but with fewer hormones to nourish them, they sag to the lower half of the face later in life. 

2. Changes to Bone Structure

In addition to facial fat pads, the aging process can also impact bone density. Facial bones like the jaw bone and cheekbones recede and flatten with age. This process changes the shape of the face, presenting a visible loss of facial volume.

3. Environmental Factors

Our environment can also influence facial volume loss. Factors such as smoking, UV damage, stress, and pollution can break down collagen in the facial skin, resulting in volume loss over time. Significant weight loss can also cause the face to slim. 

Effects of Face Volume Loss

Facial volume loss causes you to look much older than you are and presents itself in many ways.

Three common signs of facial volume loss are:

1. Wrinkles and Folds

Static wrinkles are one common sign of facial volume loss. As the skin and face lose volume, the skin tends to settle into deep folds and wrinkles. Common areas for static folds include the bottom of the nose to the top of the lips (nasolabial folds) and from the corners of the lower lips down to the chin (marionette lines). 

2. Hollows

Our faces also develop distinct hollows as facial fat disappears. Many people notice hollows around their eyes or sunken cheeks, and over time, this can cause the face to look gaunt.

3. Sagging Skin

Elasticity allows our skin to expand and contract as needed. With age, however, a reduction in collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production occurs, which reduces the skin’s ability to bounce back. As our faces lose volume, our skin cannot contract and instead begins to hang and sag

Solutions For Facial Volume Loss

If you notice signs of volume loss in your face, there are restoration options that can create a fuller, more youthful appearance. One of the most popular solutions is using injectable fillers. These dermal fillers use hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles and smooth out your skin. Fillers are a non-surgical and effective way to reverse signs of aging without any downtime. 


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