A set-up for plastic surgery, which could follow the latest trends or create a timeless look

Understanding Plastic Surgery Trends

Cosmetic procedures surged in the last several years and are becoming increasingly popular in 2023. With each new year comes new beauty trends, and surgeons have predictions on what will be the most popular this year. However, although trends may be tempting, they are rarely here to stay. Focusing on timeless plastic surgery techniques and methods will help you look like your best self regardless of what is popular at the moment.

What Influences Plastic Surgery Trends?

Deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery doesn’t often happen overnight. From shifts in the economy to new beauty ideals from celebrities, many forces are at play to determine what is considered aesthetically beautiful and worthwhile. Let’s explore the five most significant external influences on plastic surgery trends.

1. Social Media

Social media is the main factor fueling the demand for plastic surgery. As photo editing applications grow, so does the demand for cosmetic procedures. Studies show that the more time a person spends on social media, the more likely they are to consider facial surgeries to improve how they look in selfies. It also impacts how patients find and choose their dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Social media allows potential patients to interact with surgeons and explore their work before committing to an operation.

2. Celebrity Beauty Ideals

Another external influence closely related to social media is celebrity beauty ideals. From athleticism in the 1980s to fit and shapely in the 2000s, celebrities have arguably always helped set cosmetic surgery trends. Plastic surgeons often see patients who bring in posts from celebrities as the inspiration for their desired results. Celebrities are also helping destigmatize plastic surgery by openly sharing what procedures they had done to achieve their look.

3. Region

National and regional cultural factors shape the biggest plastic surgery trends as well. Across the United States, different regions favor different procedures. States on the west coast tend to steer toward plastic surgery procedures like breast implants, lifts, and reductions, while hair transplants are most popular in the south. Additionally, the midwest is home to over a quarter of Brazilian butt lifts in the country, and nearly one-third of all male breast reductions are performed in states like New York and New Jersey.

4. Economic Shifts

Along with social media and the entertainment industry, economical shifts also impact what surgical procedures are popular. The economy influences how much disposable income people have, determining how they spend their money. People tend to favor more permanent options like a facelift when a recession occurs rather than procedures that need frequent maintenance, such as dermal fillers

5. Technological Advances

Technological advances are another factor contributing to what’s trending in the field. In the past, cosmetic surgery may have been considered a risk with uncertain results, but plastic surgery has made incredible strides with advancements like non-invasive procedures and computer-assisted imaging. These advancements have boosted the popularity of surgeries like liposuction and breast augmentation.

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