A women after a breast implant removal and lift

Should You Combine Breast Implant Removal and Lift?

Although most women are satisfied with the results of breast augmentation and do not require breast implant removal, there are several reasons a patient may need or want explant surgery. A surgeon can either perform the removal by itself or in combination with a breast lift, also known as mastopexy. Whether a combination of breast implant removal and lift is best for you is influenced by a variety of factors and will ultimately depend on your personal preference.

Do You Need to Decide Immediately?

Undergoing a lift and breast implant removal at the same time is more efficient than waiting between the two procedures. If possible, we will usually recommend combining the procedures during one surgery. That being said, you can always get your implants removed first, then come back for a lift after healing if you still desire one. This will increase the recovery time and expenses, but it is a possibility if you want to see how your results will look without a lift first.

How Likely is Sagging After Breast Implant Removal?

Knowing the likelihood of sagging breasts, medically known as ptosis, after explant surgery can help you decide whether a lift will be beneficial for you. There are several factors that influence this and your surgeon can discuss them in detail with you during a personalized consultation.

Some of factors that affect the likelihood of ptosis after implant removal:

Skin Elasticity

Some patients’ skin is better able to tighten after explant surgery, depending on its elasticity. Age, genetics, and previous weight fluctuations can all impact this. If your skin is less elastic, sagging is more likely.

Patient’s Age

Aging has a negative impact on skin elasticity which, as mentioned above, can result in ptosis being more likely after explant surgery. In addition to this, breast sagging is more likely as women age, regardless of whether they have implants or not. This means that even if your skin is able to tighten slightly, some sagging may still remain without a breast lift.

Age of Implants

The longer you have had your implants, the less likely your skin is to retract completely after removal. This is partially related to the fact that you will have aged during this time as well.

Size of Implants

The larger your implants are compared to your natural breasts, the more your skin will stretch to accommodate them. This results in more excess skin (and thus a higher chance of ptosis) after implant removal.

Existing Ptosis

If you are already experiencing breast sagging prior to implant removal, it is likely to at least stay the same. In most cases, you can expect the ptosis to increase. Pairing explant surgery with a lift allows you to address the existing sagging while also removing the implants.

Breast Implant Removal and Mastopexy in Tucson

At Hess, Sandeen, & Lee our experienced plastic surgeons can perform explant surgery with or without a breast lift. We can discuss your aesthetic goals and help you determine whether a removal and lift will be the best fit for you.

To learn more about breast implant removal with lifting, contact us today.