A person checking if they are at their ideal weight for plastic surgery

Why You Should Be At Your Ideal Weight for Plastic Surgery

If you are considering plastic surgery, you are most likely looking forward to your improved appearance and feeling more confident in your skin. Although it is difficult to wait for these results, a patient should be as close to their ideal weight as possible before scheduling a surgery. Many cosmetic procedures cannot be performed safely if your weight or Body Mass Index (BMI) exceeds a certain amount. Your weight can have a direct impact on the success of the surgery, recovery time, and final results. 

Five reasons why you should be at your ideal weight for plastic surgery are:

1. It Indicates That Your Body is Healthy Enough To Undergo Surgery

Being at your ideal weight is a good indicator that your body is in the best shape possible. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are two factors that contribute to your body’s ability to undergo and heal from the procedure. It is best to establish these healthy habits before you schedule a plastic surgery procedure. 

2. It Allows Your Surgeon to Optimize Your Procedure

Starting at a solid weight foundation gives your surgeon a more clear idea of how much tissue needs to be removed to provide you with balanced body proportions. It can be the deciding factor between choosing a full or partial surgery option. In addition, losing weight will help you undergo a safer procedure, as there is often an association between a high BMI and complications during surgery. 

3. It Makes For An Easier Recovery

Excess weight puts a strain on your bones and joints as well as your skin. When you are healing from cosmetic surgery, you will want as little strain as possible on the incision. Being in a healthy weight range before the procedure can improve how your skin heals from the incision and reduce your risk of other complications like infection and blood clots. It can also decrease your downtime.

4. Weight Fluctuations Can Affect Your Results

It is best to consider cosmetic surgery after you hit your goal weight because major weight loss or gain can alter your results. Because your body spreads out the effects of weight fluctuations, you can not predict where the fat will appear or disappear from. This can put your body back at dimensions that are similar to what they were pre-surgery, minimizing the effect of your results. 

5. It Reduces The Need for Subsequent Surgeries

After you undergo major plastic surgery, you want to be assured that your results will last. Not being at a stable weight before surgery can place you at risk of needing a second procedure in the future. Procedures involving body parts that are more likely to experience noticeable changes, such as the abdomen, thighs, or arms, are at the greatest risk of subsequent surgeries due to weight fluctuations. For example, gaining weight after a tummy tuck can result in loose skin accumulating in the tummy area, and a facelift patient can sag again in the face and neck region.

If you have hit your ideal weight and are ready for cosmetic surgery, Hess & Sandeen has a wide variety of procedure options for you to choose from. Our plastic surgeons are highly skilled and have decades of experience, so you can rest assured that our team will provide you with the best and longest-lasting results.

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