A surgeon marking body for pseudogynecomastia.

What is Pseudogynecomastia?

Having excess fat in the chest area can be embarrassing for men and lower their confidence. If you are dealing with this, there are different treatment options you can explore to define your chest and look your best. The first step is determining what is causing the issue. So-called “man boobs” can be caused by gynecomastia, which is a hormone imbalance that leads to enlarged male breasts. However, pseudogynecomastia is also a possible cause. This appears similar to true gynecomastia, but the procedure for correcting it may be different.

True Gynecomastia vs Pseudogynecomastia

Although you may hear the term gynecomastia used for any type of male breasts, this is actually a more specific condition. For the issue to truly be gynecomastia, the breasts must be made up mostly of glandular tissue. This is caused by a hormonal imbalance and can occur during puberty, as you get older, or due to medication. In the case of pseudogynecomastia, the breasts consist of fatty tissue. The cause of this issue is weight gain, although the fat deposits may remain to some extent after losing weight.

To distinguish between these two issues, you should see a doctor. They will be able to determine whether you are suffering from excess glandular tissue or fat deposits. It’s also important to rule out or treat any medical conditions that could be contributing to the appearance of excess breast tissue.

Treating Pseudogynecomastia

The first step to reduce the appearance of pseudogynecomastia is weight loss. In many instances, diet and exercise can resolve the issue. However, it is also possible for these stubborn fat deposits to remain even after a patient reaches their ideal body weight. If this is the case, plastic surgery could be beneficial.

Whereas true gynecomastia may require excision surgery, this is not usually necessary for pseudogynecomastia. Instead, liposuction is used to remove the fat tissue that remains in this area, creating a flatter chest contour.

Other Cosmetic Surgeries After Weight Loss

Many patients who have lost a significant amount of weight have other cosmetic concerns besides lingering pseudogynecomastia. For example, loose skin is a common side effect of major weight loss. In addition to liposuction to flatten your chest, you may be interested in other types of body contouring surgery. Our plastic surgeons can discuss your unique situation to determine what surgery or combination of procedures can best help you achieve your ideal appearance.

Skilled Gynecomastia Surgeons in Tucson, AZ

Dr. Hess and Dr. Sandeen are board-certified plastic surgeons. They have experience with a variety of cosmetic procedures. This includes male breast reduction for both true gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia.

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