A woman whose uneven breasts were corrected with plastic surgery

Solutions for Uneven Breasts

Uneven breasts are completely normal and a majority of women have some degree of asymmetry. However, having breasts that are noticeably different in shape or size can lower your self-esteem. While wearing specially-made bras or certain types of clothing can reduce the appearance of asymmetrical breasts, many women prefer a more direct solution. Luckily, plastic surgery can help.

Here are some possible surgical solutions for uneven breasts:

Correcting Uneven Breast Size

Breast Augmentation

If you prefer to match the size of your larger breast, then breast augmentation surgery could be a good fit. This involves placing an implant for the smaller breast. It is also possible to increase the size of both breasts at the same time, using different sizes of implants to ensure an even result. There are a variety of different techniques and materials we can use depending on your unique situation and desired results. In many cases, gummy bear implants are beneficial because they look and feel natural while reducing the risk of complications.

Breast Reduction

You may feel that the size of your smaller breast is more natural and flattering for your figure. In this case, your plastic surgeon can perform a breast reduction on the larger breast. If you feel that both breasts are too large, it is also possible to perform a bilateral reduction. In this case, your surgeon will remove more tissue from the larger breast to correct the asymmetry.

Combining Augmentation and Reduction

When using plastic surgery to correct uneven breasts, you have the ability to pick the size that feels best for you. This could be in between the current sizes of your breasts. In this case, your surgeon would use a combination of breast augmentation and reduction to adjust the size of both breasts to achieve your desired appearance.

Correcting Uneven Breast Sagging

Breast Lift

Along with adjusting the size of your breasts, you may find that one breast sags more than the other. To correct this, your doctor can lift one or both breasts. A breast lift procedure, also known as mastopexy, can raise sagging breasts and can also adjust the size and shape of your areolas. This surgery can be helpful even if your breasts are the same shape and sag the same amount. If you are unhappy with your breasts’ appearance overall, you should consider plastic surgery.

Choosing the Right Plastic Surgery for You

During a consultation with our team at Hess & Sandeen Plastic Surgery, we can help determine which procedure(s) would be the best fit for your goals. We can discuss exactly how you would like your breasts to look and what issues you would like to correct. In the case of breast asymmetry, we will discuss size, shape, sagging, and other elements and develop a detailed plan for correcting any issues.

If you have uneven breasts, contact us today to schedule an appointment.