A woman in a low-cut top that hides her breast lift scars

Minimizing and Masking Breast Lift Scars

A breast lift can give sagging breasts a more youthful appearance and may help improve your self-confidence. This can be completed on its own or can be paired with breast augmentation or other procedures. Like any other surgery, you should expect some degree of scarring. However, our skilled plastic surgeons take various steps to minimize any breast lift scars. We also use strategic placement to mask them as much as possible.

Reasonable Expectations for Breast Lift Scarring

During your initial consultation with us, we will talk with you about your specific case. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with your breast lift surgery results. Setting reasonable expectations is an essential step in this process. Our board-certified plastic surgeons will discuss not only how the lift itself will look, but also what you can expect in terms of scarring. We will go over how your breast lift scars may look directly after surgery as well as after they are fully healed. You can also view some examples in our breast lift gallery.

Breast Lift Scar Placement

One of the primary ways that we keep breast lift scars discreet is by placing them so they are naturally masked. There are a few different options for incisions. Which one we use will depend on the degree of lifting you desire as well as other factors. We can discuss incision placement with you. Our goal is to find the best option to minimize scarring while also achieving the desired lift. Most scars are not visible when you are wearing a low-cut shirt, bikini top, or bra.

Any breast lift procedure will involve an incision around the areola, either a full circle or in rarer cases a crescent. The scar that forms here partially blends in with the natural gradient between your areola and the rest of your breast. If there is only minimal sagging, this may be the only incision necessary.

For other women, there will also be a scar running down the front of the breast. This portion is the most likely to remain visible after healing.

If a more dramatic effect is necessary, we may use an “anchor lift,” which includes another incision along the bottom of the breast. This portion of the scar is under the breast crease and so is not as visible.

Caring For Your Incisions

In addition to the steps we take during surgery, how you care for your incisions can have a large impact on how well they heal. The first year is the most important time period and you can expect the appearance of your scars to stay fairly consistent after this.

It is important to follow all instructions from our plastic surgeons during your recovery period. This may include wearing a specific type of bra, using ointments or creams on the incisions, and taking the appropriate amount of time off work. Our recommendations will be based on your specific circumstances and we will go over them with you in detail before and after your surgery. Follow-up appointments with us also allow us to assess how you are healing and make any necessary adjustments to your recovery plan.

Skilled Plastic Surgeons in tucson, AZ

At Hess and Sandeen, it is our goal to help you love the way your body looks. Our board-certified plastic surgeons are experienced and skilled. Using a combination of surgical techniques and postsurgical recommendations, we work to minimize visible scarring.

If you have questions about breast lift scars or wish to schedule a consultation, contact us today.