A woman sleeping after a tummy tuck

How to Sleep After a Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty, more commonly known as a tummy tuck, removes excess skin and flattens your abdomen. This can be especially helpful after weight loss or pregnancy. Being prepared for the recovery process can help you heal as quickly as possible and is important to preserve your results. One of the things to consider is how you will sleep after your tummy tuck, since some sleeping positions can be more painful or affect your healing in the first several weeks after your surgery.

Why You Can’t Sleep on Your Stomach or Side After a Tummy Tuck

After a tummy tuck, you will have an incision across your lower abdomen. This means that you can’t sleep on your stomach during the early stages of the healing process. Doing so will put too much pressure on the incision. This is not only painful. but also dangerous and can compromise your results.

Sleeping on your side may seem better than sleeping on your stomach, but it still pulls on the incisions. There’s also a possibility of rolling onto your stomach during the night.

Best Sleeping Position After An Abdominoplasty

The best way to sleep after a tummy tuck is to stay on your back. This avoids putting too much pressure on the incision.

To further reduce pressure and promote healing, elevate your upper body so you are slightly bent. One way to do this more easily is to sleep in a recliner if you have one.

To help you get used to sleeping this way, it’s a good idea to start a few weeks before your surgery. Getting enough rest is essential to your healing and it will be easier if you know you can fall asleep in the correct position. This may be especially helpful if you always sleep on your stomach or on your side. However, you may find that sleeping on your back is easier than you expect. During recovery, it is naturally the most comfortable position for many patients.

When Can You Return to Sleeping Normally?

The timeline for recovering from any plastic surgery is highly individual and will depend on a variety of factors. You should follow the specific instructions your surgeon gives you, and always ask them before you make any changes to your routine.

In general, most patients will need to sleep on their backs and at an elevated angle for four to six weeks after the procedure. In the case of a mini tummy tuck, the timeline is typically shorter and patients may be able to return to their normal sleeping position after one to three weeks.

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