Surgeons preparing for plastic surgery in Tucson

How to Prepare for Plastic Surgery

If you are considering plastic surgery, thoroughly preparing for the day of the operation plays a key role in your experience. Being well prepared will ensure that your surgery and recovery go as smoothly as possible and your results last. While each surgeon has their own surgical preparation list, there are a few general steps you can take to get yourself physically and mentally ready.

Five steps to prepare for plastic surgery are:

1. Receive Medical Clearance

Before you can have plastic surgery, you must first complete a physical exam that states you are healthy enough to be cleared for surgery. You must be in good health beforehand to lower the risk of complications. To be eligible for cosmetic surgery, you must complete this assessment at least one month prior to your procedure.

2. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

To help you receive medical clearance for plastic surgery, you need to be at or close to your ideal weight. This indicates that your body is healthy enough to undergo the procedure and reduces the need for subsequent surgeries. 

Starting your healthy lifestyle about eight weeks before your operation will ensure that you have enough time to work toward your goal. Drink lots of water, boost your protein and fiber intake, and increase your physical activity during this time. Emphasizing stretching and strengthening rather than a vigorous workout regimen will help you stay healthy while also avoiding injury. 

3. Avoid Certain Habits

Another aspect of a healthy lifestyle is avoiding certain unhealthy habits. The most important habit to break before surgery is smoking. Whether it is tobacco or vaping products, nicotine restricts blood flow, preventing oxygen from properly circulating through your vessels. For the best results, stop smoking no less than two weeks before your surgery and for two weeks after as well. Patients should also refrain from drinking alcohol for three days before their operation.

4. Make a Recovery Plan

For a smooth recovery, it is best to have a plan in place ahead of time. It is crucial to follow all the specific instructions given to you by your doctor to eliminate any future complications. Review the instructions beforehand and make sure you are ready to follow them. You can also take measures to make yourself more comfortable, such as stocking up on sedentary activities such as books and movies, as well as comfort items like pillows and blankets.

5. Familiarize Yourself With the Procedure

Although plastic surgery is elective, it is still completely normal to feel anxious about it. One way to reduce anxiety is by familiarizing yourself with the cosmetic procedure you have chosen. You can do this by looking at before and after photos of other patients who have gone through the same surgery. Knowing your plastic surgeon is qualified and experienced will also ease your mind. You can get to know different surgeons by taking advantage of their free consultations.

Highly-Skilled Plastic Surgeons in Tucson

Both you and your surgeon play a role in the outcome of your plastic surgery. When you choose a skilled surgeon like the team at Hess & Sandeen, you are ensuring that both your procedure and recovery process will go as smoothly as possible. Our plastic surgeons will be with you every step of the way, from your initial consultation to postoperative care.

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