A plastic surgeon holding a breast implant, representing breast explant surgery

Common Reasons for Breast Explant Surgery

Although the majority of patients are satisfied with the results of breast augmentation, some individuals choose to remove their implants. This is sometimes referred to as breast explant surgery. There are many possible reasons a patient might consider this procedure.

Some of the most common reasons for breast implant removal:

Unsatisfied with Original Results

Some patients are unhappy with the results of their breast augmentation. This can sometimes be due to the skill of the surgeon, especially if the initial surgery was performed by someone who was not board-certified. The results could look unnatural or be different from what the patient expected. This scenario is less likely when you work with an experienced surgeon and discuss your goals and desires in detail prior to undergoing breast augmentation. In these cases, you may wish to undergo breast explant surgery and then get new implants that match your ideal look. Other patients prefer to go without implants entirely.

Changes in Breast Appearance

Just like natural breasts, implants may change in shape, size, and appearance over time. This can cause them to look uneven and you may wish to consider breast implant removal, with or without replacement. It’s also possible that your body has changed since you got your breast augmentation, which can result in a mismatch between the size of your breasts and your frame. Common examples of this are pregnancy, significant weight loss/gain, or aging. It is possible to combine breast explant surgery with other procedures to adjust the way your body looks. This can help you achieve a more harmonious appearance.

Breast Implant Complications

Although breast implant complications are rare, they can occur and this could make removal necessary. One example is capsular contracture. This is a tightening of scar tissue caused by a strong immune response to the implant. Gummy bear implants can help lower the risk of capsular contracture but if it does occur, an explant procedure is often necessary. Other complications that could require breast implant removal surgery include rupture, displacement, leakage, folding, or deflation.

Replacing Older Implants

Modern breast implants are designed for longevity but, like any type of implanted medical device, they will need to be replaced eventually. At the time of your breast augmentation, your surgeon should give you guidance for when you will need to replace the implants. In general, if it has been over ten years since the initial surgery, it is ideal to replace your implants. This will involve removal surgery followed by placement of new implants.

Choosing Surgeons for a Breast Explant Procedure

It’s important to choose a board-certified and highly-skilled surgeon for your breast implant removal surgery. Depending on your circumstances, other types of surgery, such as a breast lift, could be beneficial in addition to your explant. You should work with a surgeon who understands all of the different factors that could affect your procedure(s) and who will work with you to achieve the best possible results. At Hess & Sandeen Plastic Surgery, we focus on your satisfaction from your initial consultation to the completed procedure.

Breast Implant Removal by Hess & Sandeen

Dr. Hess and Dr. Sandeen can perform breast implant removal in addition to breast lift surgery and new implant placement, if desired.

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