Jennifer Pershing

Excellent Care

I was referred to Dr. Sven Sandeen by Ironwood Dermatology. I was nervous but resolute about fixing an ugly ectopic pregnancy scar from 15 years ago that was lumpy, unattractive, and hurt my self confidence. Dr. Sandeen listened attentively to my concerns and responded with options and honesty. I really didn’t know if surgery was the answer or whether I just needed to hit the gym harder. The answer was a combination of the two. Surgery was the only answer for the lumpy scar, but we decided to add liposuction to my belly and thighs for a balanced and beautiful result that could be maintained by daily exercise. My surgery and recovery was flawless. My appointments were happy and satisfying, and I am so pleased with my flat tummy and sculpted thighs. Dr. Sandeen does beautiful work. And the price was right. Thank you for making the decision so easy!

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